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Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare

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What are two ethical dilemmas facing the profession of healthcare?

What are the efforts being made by those in the profession to resolve the dilemmas (rules, standards, etc.)?

Describe the possible consequences if one behaves unethically in the situation.

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The ethical dilemmas in healthcare are examined.

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Two ethical dilemmas facing the healthcare profession are Emergency Room budgets and a lack of nurses projected for the upcoming decades. These issues are a reflection of the greater ethical dilemma in America toward healthcare, but in hospitals across the nation they are causing ethical problems with what should be a human right to healthcare. The cost of hospitals required to pick up the tab for services rendered to people without insurance and who do not pay is exorbitantly high and has led to many ERs turning away patients who are not facing life threatening illnesses or completely closing their ER. In addition, service in many ERs in urban areas that experience some of the highest rates of uninsured patients seeking care have displayed shocking examples of malfeasance and neglect for seriously ill patients as I will explain in the example I provide.

The growing problem of baby boomer nurses retiring in this country, and the lack of a comprehensive plan by the healthcare industry to anticipate this current and increasingly growing problem is unethical for several reasons. Nurses without sufficient ...

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