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    Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare

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    Describe health care situations which present ethical dilemmas for individual clients and their caregivers.
    Examine the effects of paternalism on a patient's right to exercise autonomy and self-determination.
    Utilize ethical theories, principles, and a decision-making framework to propose a resolution to ethical dilemmas faced by individual clients and their caregivers.

    Anti-Aging Technologies

    An aging man is seeking the fountain of youth. To reverse the aging process he is willing to participate in a controversial regimen of hormone injections, supplements, and exercise. There is considerable disagreement from the medical community regarding the safety and appropriateness of these treatments which are not yet supported by research evidence. Consider the ethical dilemmas of this case. What are the possible ethical dilemmas and implications?

    Discuss the implications of the scenario.

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    One of the primary ethical dilemmas in a case of this nature, is the fact that the individual will be participating in a controversial regimen of hormone injections, and a major question, is rather it is right, proper, and ethical, for the physicians who are administering these hormone injections to engage in such activities when they are well aware that these activities are controversial in nature. Due to the fact that there's no research to ensure that the regimen of hormone injections will be safe for an aging individual or an individual of any age group, there's definitely a dilemma in respect to the irresponsibility of the physicians in engaging in this practice, when they know that this practice has a great potential of harming the individual that is receiving the injections. It is a known fact that very high levels of hormone injections, especially testosterone, tend to have negative effects on an individual's body, and these effects include the increased possibility of an individual having cancer to develop within their body. So it goes to reason that any physician and/or other medical professionals who would engage in such a practice as a regimen of ...