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    The Writing Process

    The process for writing is followed by everyone, whether they know it or not. There are five steps to the writing process: prewriting, writing, revisiting, editing, and publishing.

    The first step of the writing process is prewriting. This step covers everything you do before starting a rough draft. In its most simple form, this means coming up with an idea. Additionally, the writing process involves laying out a paper’s structure.

    The second step of the writing process is writing. When you begin to write you do not worry about grammar, spelling, or word count. It is important to remember hat the first, or rough draft is never perfect and that you will normally have to rewrite it many times.

    The third step of the writing process is revising. Revising work is about changing big ideas and making huge changes. You might remove whole sections, rewrite a paragraph, or add new information hat you forgot earlier.

    The fourth step of the writing process is editing. The editing stage needs to be done after the revision stage. Editing involves the close-up view of sentences and words. Some questions to ask while editing include: have you used the same word too many times? Are any sentences hard to read? Is everything spelled correctly?

    The last step of the writing process is publishing. Publishing has different meanings depending on what kind of piece you are working on. Blogs need to be uploaded, students often need to add a bibliography and personal identification information, and journalists need to submit their piece to an editor. 

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