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In the Shadow of Greatness: Voices of Leadership...

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General ideas are briefly summarized from the book, In the Shadow of Greatness, by the Naval Academy Class of 2002. 1000 word of notes are encompassed.

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Welcome kindly! Please rate 5 for my 1000 words of brainstorming ideas. Kindly note that this posting is not meant to be turned in as an essay. It is merely guidance to jump start your own review. Good luck!

First of all, as you briefly review the exceptionally moving, nonfiction book, In the Shadow of Greatness: Voices of Leadership, Sacrifice, and Service from America's Longest War, I commend that its themes explore so many inspirational aspects of leadership, courage and human motivation through the short stories and essay. As it follows members of the Naval Academy's Class of 2002, it shows such strength and resilience they endure peaceful, combative, chaotic missions; it also shows how they serve dual roles as citizens, wives, husbands, fathers, girlfriends, and struggle to balance those multiple identifies so bravely.

In terms of themes, the book definitely offers vital life lessons that we as readers can certainly apply to our own daily lives as well as to our future careers overall. When we all want to know about what happened to our high school or college classmates, this book's structure as overall premise appeases that curiosity as it follows and carefully documents how their successes contribute to America's overall safety. Their lives are directly intertwined to ours as readers since "they are strongly positioned, because of their diverse experiences, to lead both in and out of uniform in the years to come." Especially for a normal civilian like myself, this book vividly opened my eyes into a different world and military culture as it clearly depicted what it is truly like to serve as active ...

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1000 word of notes are brainstormed to guide a review of the Shadow of Greatness: Voices of Leadership, Sacrifice, and Service from America's Longest War, a nonfiction book.

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