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    Assessment of Strategic Leaders

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    Dear OTA, I would like to ask for assistance with the following problem. The leaders are Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama.

    1. I am researching two leaders and want to describe the factors that make these leaders strategic.
    2. Analyze and identify the commonalities in terms of these leaders' personalities, communication styles, ego, personal will, and other leadership qualities.
    3. Analyze and justify whether these leaders are committed to greatness.

    Please use intext citations along with references so I can follow your lead. Thank you so much.

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    Solution by Gregory Grant

    Strategic Leadership Factors & Commonalities

    Strategic leadership is having the ability to influence people to implement strategic change. There are various personal character traits coupled with innovative methodologies that create an abundance of strategic leadership factors. Three of the many available leadership factors that have led to successful performance are self-control, social skills, and communication skills. Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama are great examples of these strategic leader skills. Self-Control is having the ability to think critically. Critical thinking is an analytical thought process used before taking action. Abraham Lincoln maintains a high degree of self-control during his presidential tenure when he executed a change in America by creating the Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves in Confederate territories. Barack Obama has maintained a high degree of self-control as he maneuvers America through economic recessions and promotes health care reforms. Social skills and communication skills are essential to strategic leaders. They must be patiently social and genuinely like people. Leaders must be able to communicate by effectively listening, proficiently debating, and efficient collaborations. These factors are evident of Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Obama (Strategic Leadership, 2012).

    Leadership Commitments

    Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama were both committed to the success of the nation. These two presidents were able to influence meaningful changes in the country because they care. Being committed starts with the personal character quality of "caring". There are many things to care about; however as a strategic leader the top two ...

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    This solution briefly highlights commonalities in personality and leadership styles of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.