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    Emotional Intelligence in the Hiring Process

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    1. How would you feel if asked to complete an emotional intelligence assessment as part of the hiring process? Would you find it as an invasion of privacy? Please discuss and expand on any legal implications that come to mind.
    2. Improving executive emotional intelligence is an up and coming trend in leadership development. What kind of affect do you think this will have on companies' in the future in regards to selection and training?

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    1. I would not find an EI assessment to be an invasion of privacy. An EI assessment deals with the way in which individuals react, or interact during certain circumstances related to the work environment and could help determine the level of organizational/political acumen that ...

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    The solution describes feelings on asking to complete an emotional intelligence assessment as part of the hiring process. An invasion of privacy is determined. Improving executive emotional intelligence and the coming trend in leadership development is given. The affects improving executive emotional intelligence on companies in the future regarding selection and training are given.