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    Prescreening Tests

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    Research different types of prescreening tests and construct a report for the president of the company. Discuss the validity and reliability of each test. Recommend which tests should be used in your company's selection process.

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    There are various types of prescreening tests available for individuals to utilize while trying to find that perfect candidate to hire. These include: personality tests, interest tests, practical intelligence tests, and IQ tests. Each one has differing degrees of validity and reliability. The author suggests that several of these should be utilized in our company's selection process.

    Personality tests are used to measure "conscientiousness, extroversion, openness to experience, emotional stability, agreeableness, and integrity" (Latham, 2005). It is very important in business to know if the person that you may be hiring for a position is conscientious and has emotional stability as well as being agreeable and having integrity. These are all qualities that companies desire and strive to find in potential employees. Personality tests have been scrutinized due to the fact that many people feel that they are unreliable and people can sway the ...

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    The solution discusses different types of prescreening tests.