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    Recruitment and Retention in the Healthcare Industry

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    Recruitment and retention issues often challenge health care leaders. To effectively address and manage these issues, administrators and human resource professionals must implement innovative recruitment and retention programming. For this Discussion, you examine ways to address potential recruitment and retention issues in health care organizations.

    "Brain drain" in health care and how to replace the retiring workforce"

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    Brain drain has been described as the loss of human skills particularly in developing countries which usually happens as a result of migration of skilled employees to other industrialized nations, retirement from service, switching of employers or changing of careers. Various industries may have their own degree of brain drain but the healthcare industry is among the few industries that are heavily affected by brain drain.
    In the healthcare industry, the following are among the issues and challenges influencing the need for more physicians, nurses, caregivers, and other healthcare workers:
    1. Changing lifestyle choices
    2. Aging workforce
    3. Increased use of mid-level providers
    4. Almost half are women who work fewer hours than male workers (physicians)
    5. Unreasonable number of patients for each health care professional (nurses)/work overload
    6. Lack of advancement opportunities or limited access to ...

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