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MGT330 Unit 2 IP 3-4 pages
The company you work for is considering changing its applicant testing process. Your supervisor has asked you to address the following in a document that will be sent to other managers within the organization.
Write a short essay discussing some of the legal and ethical considerations of major types of tests: cognitive abilities, motor and physical abilities, personality & interests, and achievement tests. Given these considerations, which testing system do you believe may be the most legitimate? Remember to compare and contrast testing methods specifically to demonstrate how the methodologies you have not selected may have more negative ethical and legal consequences than the one you have selected.
In your answer also discuss ways in which advancements in technology have helped to make the applicant testing and selection process more efficient and effective.
I will look for you to compare and contrast a variety of tests (at least 3) considering the legal and ethical implications of each. I want to see each test considered from a legal and ethical standpoint. The textbook has great discussion on a variety of tests and you will compare/contrast those as you consider the legal and ethical impact presented by each (consider employment law, adverse impact, etc). Be sure to use that compare/contrast process to develop your actual recommendation for the most effective testing process (what tests would you select for your organization and why is that better than the ones you did not select). That recommendation must be included. Don't forget about the 2nd part of the question-the impact of technology.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1108 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1108 words with references.

// Before writing this kind of assignment, it is much important to understand what the 'selection tests' are and why they are used. In order to start this kind of assignment, firstly, we would provide a brief introduction of these selection tests and why they are used, like this //

Selection Tests

There are various kinds of applicant testing process that are used in the selection procedures. These selection tests are aimed at eliminating a candidate, who is not suitable enough for the job. Nowadays, these tests, especially, the psychological tests are increasingly being used by the organizations. These kinds of test provide certain measure of a person's attitudes, behavior and performance. There are certain loopholes in the interview process due to which they are not considered a perfect way of evaluating a person's suitability for the job. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, it is difficult to remove the subjective judgments from the interview process (Bratton & Gold, 2001).

Sometimes, biases creep along the interview selection process. These biases can be removed by adoption of these tests. These tests are objective and standardized; hence, they remove any scope for biases. These help in drawing a fair comparison between the candidates on the basis of the requisites of the job. There are certain things like skills, knowledge or aptitudes, which can't be measured accurately in an interview. Sometimes, individuals tend to exaggerate on their abilities. These selection tests help to check on the individual's abilities, which they have stated in the interview tests.

There are various kinds of selection tests that are used by firms like cognitive abilities, motor and physical abilities, personality & interests, also the achievement tests. There are various legal and ethical considerations ...

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