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    Employment Selection Processes

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    Write a paper in which you analyze the two different selection processes and strategies by addressing the following:

    Clearly identify the case examples you are using.
    Identify the purpose of each selection process.
    Explain how to design the selection process to minimize risk.
    Does the strategy minimize or increase overall risk for the company?
    Offer one alternative for each selection process designed to reduce the risk to the company.

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    The basic premise in an employee selection is that the company has gone through an effective recruitment process and that the succeeding procedures that involve selecting the right person for a particular job would be made on the basis of a pre-determined job description and job specification that were results of job analysis conducted. Job description and job specification are important as guide in the selection process. These will provide direction on the processes and procedures that would be made and ensure that the right people will be selected and finally hired. Success of an organization depends much on having good people that have appropriate qualifications and have motivations to contribute to the success of the organization.
    Because of the importance of selection process to business success, such should have been made on the basis of the right and adequate information that were carefully obtained in the most cost-effective and ethical manners.
    In selecting the right people for the organization, two principles may apply - that past behaviour may predict future behaviour and that the organization should collect the most reliable and valid information possible to form a basis in choosing the right person for a job.

    Two (2) Selection Processes

    While several selection processes are utilized, two important selection processes will be discussed in this report:
    1. Employment interview
    This is normally conducted after the applicants have been initially screened through application blanks. This is basically done in order to gather information that may be used in the selection process. The starting point of interviews is the application blanks filled by the applicants. Some responses may be verified through interviews.

    Possible problems or sources of risk in this part of the selection process include:
    a) Skill/knowledge/preparedness of the interviewer. The success of the interview is too much dependent on the competency of the interviewer.
    b) Ability of the interviewer to discriminate or determine differences in the answers of the applicants. The interviewer must have a way of objectively comparing the answers of the applicants.
    c) Determination of appropriate equivalent scores for the responses. Interview results are qualitative in nature. However there is a way up coming up with a matrix so that the responses will be given equivalent points or ...

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