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    Human Resources in Government Contractors

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    Imagine that you are working as Director of Human Resources in a privately held, mid-sized engineering and manufacturing organization that is a government contractor. Your boss, the VP of HR, has asked you to:

    Prepare a brief but comprehensive plan (4-5 pages) in which you pull together and integrate the organization's recruitment, selection, and onboarding processes. Your plan must effectively cover the range of the organization's needs and issues related to finding, attracting, and successfully hiring and onboarding:

    Skilled labor
    Production and facilities workers
    Challenges: Your facilities are located in a city that has a larger than average percentage of people who are receiving various forms of public assistance. The city also has a lower than average number of college graduates and professionals, due to flight from the region to high tech hubs in the Northeast and Southwestern United States.

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    Running head: HUMAN RESOURCES

    Human Resources

    Recruitment, selection and on boarding plan
    This is a plan to ensure that the organization has highly competent employees in various areas with the firm. This plan is developed in accordance with employee competency required in different operations. Details provided in this plan is accurate, relevant, it is based on established best methods and is in accordance with applicable law. The recruitment, selection and on board process plan is prepared in light of labor situation in the environment.

    This hiring plan outlines due processes to be followed during recruitment, selection and on board processes within the organization. It is may vary depending on time depending on best practices, regulatory requirements and organization's requirements. The plan is prepared for management and other staff members involved in the processes named above.

    The human resource department recognizes the importance of having the right human capital as a means to attain organizational objectives and we can establish our values depend on hiring and retaining skilled and effective staff members. This plan provides steps to follow to ensure highest quality of employees.

    Policy statement
    Every activity related to recruitment and selection will be carried out in an open, fair, professional, efficient and effective manner. Our firm is committed to offering every applicant equal opportunity at all steps in recruitment and selection process. These processes will be done without favor and discrimination irrespective of gender, race, religion, belief or age.

    All selections must be made in line with this plan in order to ensure that the best candidate is chosen. All job vacancies are to be advertised internally and externally. ...

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