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Contractor Code of Conduct

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Can anyone help providing Code of conduct for contractors? As the contractor are coming to my company site. I am planning to provide Code of Conduct document to contractors.

I just need to know in one page what important bullet points I can include...

I have searched Google I found bunch of documents. But I need most important bullet points. I need to address, something new in the bullet points... If you can describe in one line sentences about the bullet point that would be great..........

For Example

1.) Contractor Safety
2.) Discrimination

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This solution describes the importance of a code of conduct for contractors.

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Code of Conduct for Contractors:

1) Contractor Safety: all contractors obligated to follow all OSHA safety guidelines, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all management and staff at work sites.

2) Discrimination: discrimination would not be tolerated in employment selection or in the provision of promotional opportunities by any contractors working for this organization.

3) Human Resources: contractors will not allow more individuals to work at a construction site than is legally safe, nor will they employ more workers than they can ...

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