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The Legal Environment of Human Resource Management

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Identify and discuss the employer-employee relationship. Make sure you include the following points:

o The point at which a prospective applicant becomes an employee

o The difference between a contractor and an employee

o The legal implications and obligations of the employer-employee relationship

o The laws that address the employer-employee relationship.

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The employer employee relationship is a lot different and much, much, much more complex now than it used to be even a generation or two ago. By definition, an employee is a person who is hired to give some sort of specified work and or service to a company. That said company can be of almost any size. This service or work done by the employee is performed at specified, scheduled and or at set intervals. These work intervals are done on a pre-arranged basis for the employee's and employer's scheduling purposes. The employee's work and or services are done in trades for compensation. This compensation is monetary in nature. At least part of it is anyway. It could include a salary, an hourly wage rate, an hourly rate of wage and or a salary plus a commission base too. The total compensation package may also entail other pre-specified benefits such as paid vacations, health and dental insurances (and possibly vision) and a retirement plan of some sort. The employee, while working for the said organization, is considered to be a part of the company he works for, and not someone who owns his own business and is by the whole, a separate and independent entity.

An employer would be an institution or person/people that employs employees or workers which represent them and not just temporarily (like a temp, who often works for ...

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The solution discusses the legal environment of human resource management.

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