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Current Issues in Human Resource Management

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Write a paper to assess current issues regarding the work environment and associated legal issues that have become notable in our community. Is there a business that was recently sued for discrimination or harassment? Is there an employer who has received positive recognition for endeavoring to create a diverse workplace? Support your analysis with examples from your local community and/or state.

You should be able to find information on the Internet, in newspapers or community publications, local government websites, and through special interest advocacy groups.

If this information is not readily available in your own community, please select another entity (town, city, etc.) to research in order to fulfill the assignment requirements. Support your paper with at least five (5) resources not counting the two I have attached

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Current issues regarding work environment and related legal issues are as follows. The employer has become more responsible for the safety of the employees if there is harassment. Also, the employer is responsible for preventing discrimination in the workplace. He must be alert to inequities, misuses of power, or harassment. One of the current issues relating to work environment is a poisoned environment, if there is emotional and psychological vitiation of environment, the employer is responsible. Even if the employer did not do anything negative, did not experience the harassment, no complaint has been filed, or harassment is done anonymously, the employer is still responsible for the work environment. Mobbing or bullying is not allowed and the employer is responsible if it occurs in the workplace(e). The current legal position is such that the employer should advise employees to file a human rights complaint or grievance. The employer must apply internal policies and procedures in a transparent process. If there is any allegation, the supervisor or persons who wield power must apply human rights principles when investigating the allegations. When settling complaints internally, the complaints should be settled quickly, the complaints should be settled on human rights remedies, and the employee should be asked to sign a release. A key factor of today's work environment is to view the employee as important stakeholder. The employees as stakeholders interact and influence management practices (a).

Current issues relating to work environment are there should be equality, and diversity. Currently, health and wellbeing of the employees has ...

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