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Ethical & Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Design the Ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility policy for your company. Ensure that your policies and guidelines also make business sense.

Bridal Consultant/Event Planning Business Plan.

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Bridal Consultant/Event Planning Business Plan

Ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

1. Make customers happy with service and products sourced in a responsible way
2. Market responsibly.
3. Treat all people fairly.
4. Compete fairly.
5. Treat people with respect.
6. Respect the environment.
7. Deal honestly with all people, and agencies, and the government.
8. Be honest in record keeping and sales.
9. Do no harm.

Corporate Responsibility Guidelines:

XXX Company sets the following guidelines as the guiding direction for our company and all contractors with whom we engage to do business. Contractors are defined as any manufacturer, contractor, sub-contractor, supplier or vendor retained in connection with the production of products of services.

Forced Labor: XXX ...

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This solution designs an Ethical and Corporate Social Responsibility policy for a company. APA references are included.

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