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Ethical Applications in Corporate Social Responsibility

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In 2005, Nestlé S.A. CEO Peter Braeck-Letmathe explained, "Companies shouldn't feel obligated to 'give back' to communities because they haven't taken anything away. Companies should only pursue charitable endeavors with the underlying intention of making money. It is not our money we're handing out but our investors. A company's obligation is simply to create jobs and make products." What have we taken away from society by being a successful company that employs people? Which model of CSR would the Nestle's CEO advocate?

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The Nestle CEO advocate would recommend the traditional neoclassic model of corporate social responsibility. In this model, corporate goals are viewed as generally being in conflict with those of society. Organizations that embrace this model tend to overproduce or overlook the efficiency of their operations. They do not view efficiency as a form of corporate social responsibility, as they do not look at the ...

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The solution provides explanations and examples of how different ethical views or theories may be applied to corporate social responsibility.

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