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Psychology: Corporate Social Responsibility

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In your own words what is Corporate Social Responsibility?

How does Corporate Social Responsibility relate to a personal mission statement?

How does Servant Leadership relate to Corporate Social Responsibility or how does one intergate Servant Leadership into Corporate Social Responsibility?

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A discussion regarding Corporate Social Responsibility and how it relates to a personal mission statement. Also, a discussion on Servant Ladership and how it relates to Corporate Social Responsibility. 326 words, 2 references.

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Corporate social responsibility is a set of processes that an organization employs to dictate how they will handle themselves in terms of the law, ethical standards, and international norms (Wikipedia, 2013). It is a self-regulating process that helps an organization hold themselves responsible for their interactions with employees, customers, stakeholders, environment, and their community. It the way that organization's take responsibility for ensuring they are making a positive impact on all those within the public sphere they will have any interaction with. It is essentially the way that a company holds checks and balances for ...

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