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    Southwest Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

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    How has Southwest invested in and assessed its corporate social responsibility? Where has the company invested?
    What assessment have they used to measure the effectiveness of their programs?
    What has been your experience? What do other stakeholders say?
    Is there a difference of opinion about the results? Where does the difference come from?

    Cite at least two sources.

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    It appears that Southwest has invested in its corporate social responsibility by allocating funding to its employee training and orientation program, so that there can be an adequate amount of information provided to staff members and management concerning their need to follow all company regulations and carry out their duties. This includes abiding by all of society's laws and regulations as well, which also includes carrying out operations in a manner that is protective of the environment. Southwest has assessed its corporate social responsibility by taking note of the very few ethical breaches of corporate social responsibility that this organization has had to deal with since its beginning. This company has ...