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    Management Planning in Southwest Airlines

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    How do legal issues, ethic and corporate social responsibility impact management planning in Southwest Airlines?

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    1. How do legal issues, ethic and corporate social responsibility impact management planning in Southwest Airlines?

    Legal issues impact management planning of every organization form setting of vision statement to hiring employees. Therefore, a sound knowledge of the laws and legal requirements that impact management planning are imperative, to avoid legal consequences (i.e., discrimination laws in hiring, etc.).
    See http://www.dol.gov/odep/pubs/ek96/wrkplace.htm
    Legal issues that impact management planning and suggestions for Southwest Airlines in Dealing with the Different Workplace Laws?

    In a large company, these issues are often handled by the Human Resources, Legal, and Risk Management

    1. Keeping Informed is the first step in understanding the current laws, regulations, benefits, and other employee-related information that may impact the workplace. This information is available from the State/Federal Departments of Labor, the EEOC, your attorney, accountant, trade associations, and/or insurance agent.
    2. Documentation and Recordkeeping are the most important protective steps an employer can take. Document in writing all employee performance and problems.
    3. A Company Manual outlining policies and procedures should be presented to every employee with a "sign off" sheet. There can be less of a chance of misinterpretation when the rules are spelled out on paper.
    4. A Written Job Description is another essential tool for avoiding misunderstanding of expectations and ultimately discrimination suits. Job descriptions show that the employer has identified the essential job functions and given every applicant the same information and opportunity for the position. With precise explanations of duties and responsibilities, employees know what is expected of them. Employers have the guidelines needed to hire, supervise, evaluate, and promote with maximum effectiveness.
    5. A Corrective Action Plan is the best way to handle problems. In the event of problems, several warnings may eliminate the need for drastic action. Warnings will help justify the corrective action if the warnings are not heeded. Tell the employee what is wrong, what needs to be done to remedy the problem, and what will happen if the problem is not resolved. Document by including a specific time frame for the employee to remedy the problem; confer with the employee regularly to evaluate progress.
    6. A Safety Management Program is important in preventing workplace injuries. Studies show that safety and prevention programs, along with a carefully designed work environment, reduce accidents and time off due to sick days.
    7. Communication and Common Sense should be underlying principles for dealing with employees. Open, honest, and ongoing communication will resolve many problems. The employer and employee working together can develop creative, flexible strategies to meet the goals of the laws and regulations. Use common sense.
    8. Use Outside Professionals if you are unsure. There are many professionals who can provide human-resource management ...

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