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    People-Centered Leadership

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    In many organizations, being "people-centered" is considered soft, irrelevant, and unrelated to profitability. Using support from historical perspectives of organizational behavior, explain how you would rebut these arguments.
    Review the "Skills Exhibited by an Effective Manager" (Table 1-2 in Organizational Behavior). Identify your particular areas of strength and discuss opportunities for your own development as a manager.
    How would you go about facilitating the creation of diversity in an organization that is traditionally homogenous? What support is needed from top management in developing a program to implement organizational diversity? What potential problems of implementing a diversity program do you foresee and how can they be managed?

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    "People-centered" leadership style is an unconventional approach for many organizations in the U.S. The most common characteristics of "people-centered" leadership is 1)explaining to others your logic for decisions, 2) consistent encouragement, 3) limit focus on weaknesses, and 4) compensate others for your weaknesses.

    I have done research in this area regarding the success of Southwest Airlines which is very interesting and argues against the notion that "people-centered" leadership is unrelated to profitability.

    Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines can be identified as an exemplary leader by his ability to create a warm family like culture within the Southwest Airlines organization. What made his leadership style different was his ability to include a caring culture not only at work, but also as a part of everyday life. As an example, employees were often honored for accomplishments that had nothing to do with Southwest Airlines ...

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    This solution of 577 words discusses how "people-centered" leadership is often seen as unrelated to profitability in organizations, and it also mentions the instances where this leadership style has resulted in profitability. References used are included.