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    Why is integrity an essential component of ethics leadership?

    These are some ideas I have come up with in my research but would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks!

    Integrity is the foundation of Ethics in Leadership

    Integrity is displayed when people act in ways that are always honest and credible, and consistent in putting one's values into practice.

    Integrity practiced by the leader(s) will have a positive effect on the followers. The leader has integrity, leader earns the trust of followers which results in the followers committing themselves to behave in ways that live up to the leader's expectations. Integrity practiced by the leader is good for the entire company. It motivates and encourages (sets the standard) the employees to follow in the steps of the leader.

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    Leadership is about motivating people to perform and accomplish the unit's mission. Working towards this common goal builds unit cohesion, trust, and a sense of self-esteem. A good leader fosters these qualities. But a failure of integrity poisons the outfit, destroys trust between people, and breaks down unit cohesion. While leadership qualities are diverse, integrity is simply a yes-or-no question.You either have it or you don't. For that reason, leaders must always display ...

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    Why is integrity an essential component of ethics leadership?