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    Integrity and Whistle-blowing

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    Explain why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business.
    How does integrity apply to whistle-blowing?
    Using a minimum of two credible sources, thoroughly discuss integrity and whistle-blowing.

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    1. Explain why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business.

    Integrity starts at the top. There is no consensus to what integrity is; however, it is linked to moral character and such qualities/virtues as sincerity, openness, honesty, trustworthiness, straightforwardness, and fairness and compassion. It involves a good sense of judgment. These qualities are important for good corporate governance. Integrity is acting in line with the company values, matching your actions to meet the company values. It is acting with integrity, not acting deceitful in any business dealings, for example (http://www.cfoi.org.uk/pdf/corruptiongd.pdf, attached for convenience).

    According to Du Plessis (2007), who consulted various sources for definitions of integrity, integrity is made up of several words, meanings and synonyms. It consists of a lot of what can be described as ethical and moral values or civilized values including:

    1. Soundness: This refers to how healthy an opinion, argument, reasoning or a research finding is, implying how free it is from flaw, defect or decay. Also, how free is it from error, fallacy, or misapprehension; exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience; legally valid; logically valid and having true premises; agreeing with accepted views. It also means solid, firm, stable and thorough; showing good sense or judgment based on valid information.

    2. Completeness: It means having all necessary parts, elements, or steps; highly proficient; totally, absolutely, thoroughly and fully carried out; including all ...

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    Referring to integrity and whistle-blowing, this solution explains why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business and how integrity specifically applies to whistle-blowing. Supplemented with a highly information article on integrity and whistle-blowing.