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    Explain why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business

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    Details: Explain why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business.

    How does integrity apply to whistle-blowing?

    Using a minimum of two credible sources, thoroughly discuss integrity and whistle-blowing. Relate these concepts by using critical thinking and provide a thorough discussion with examples, using APA format.

    Scenario: The scenario can be found at posting ID # 168719 and viewed for free at this link: http://brainmass.com/business/other/168719

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    In the business world, integrity plays an important role and it is everything. It is the way to win and maintain regular and good clients as well as to gain recommendation from them. Framing one's actions on the basis of an internally consistent framework of principles is known as integrity. In the business scenario, integrity has two components: the first component is that one should do the things which one could say that he/she would be able to do it. Second, it means never violating your own ethical standards of behavior (Cates, 2003).

    Integrity basically means decency, goodness, respect, ethics, principles, virtues, respectability, and honesty. It is difficult to build trust and it is maintained by people for a lifetime. The trust could be easily destroyed and spoiled (TUCKER, 2001). In today's society, companies want the best illustration they can find and unfortunately, integrity is really seen as a hard thing to which the companies had to come by. ...

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    Before working on this, one should be aware of what 'integrity' is and how it plays an important role in a business or organization. Additionally, an implementation of integrity in whistle-blowing is also required. It is about 508 words with references.