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    Conflict of Interest

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    Among some of the ethical problems within the business realm include conflict of interest.
    Explain the kinds of conflicts of interest and how these problems may have devastating consequences. Explain why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business. Using a minimum of two credible sources, relate the concepts of integrity and conflict of interest

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    Conflict of trust happens when a person is occupying a position of confidence and contrary to that position of confidence he has personal interests. A company manager or director may have conflict of interest, a public accountant may have conflict of interest or a consultant may have conflict of interest. The struggle between the two interests makes it very difficult for the person to be dutiful to each stakeholder. Conflict of interest is especially important in case of professions. A politician may have to resign if he has conflict of interest, a lawyer is looked down upon if it is found he had a conflict of interest and an ...

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    This posting discusses ethics relating to conflict of interest.