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Selecting the Most Appropriate Conflict Management Strategy

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Conflict Management Approaches & Human Behaviors
The purpose of such a model would be to assist employees, managers, human resource practitioners and external service providers in selecting the most appropriate conflict management strategy for a given conflict. It is suggested that a contingency-based model of strategy selection must include attention to characteristics of the conflict, desired outcomes of the participants and awareness of available conflict management strategies. By expanding the range of conflicts and conflict management strategies typically included within a single model, the framework presented on the attached pdf article, forms the basis of a comprehensive model for dealing with intra-organizational conflict.
A. The desired outcomes of disputants in conflicts include (but are not limited to): fairness, efficiency, effectiveness, and participant satisfaction. I need help in elaborating the importance of fairness, effectiveness, and participant satisfaction
B. The three Major Conflict Resolution Strategies proposed by the author are: interest-based, rights-based, and power-based strategies. I need help in elaborating on the concept behind interest based and power based strategies.
C. Scholarly References

Please also see PDFs.

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Solution Summary

The expert selects the most appropriate conflict management strategies. Three major conflict resolution strategies are determined.

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