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Factor Worker Conflict Analysis

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Please help me with a written analysis of a factory worker conflict. The conflict must be in an interpersonal group, or organizational context and it must involve some interpersonal interaction between parties.
- Description
- Analysis
- Intervention
- Diagnosis

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This solution provides an example analysis of a factory worker conflict.

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For this report, the conflict that is taking place is very critical one - it affects production and at the end of the line, the marketing and financial performance of the company. This is a conflict that is taking place between two important teams - the purchasing and inventory maintenance teams. The purchasing team aims at ensuring that raw materials needed are available and that they are purchased with the least cost and the least time possible. The inventory maintenance group, applying just-in-time inventory strategy, minimizes the level of inventory maintained at a given time. As much as possible, zero level of inventory is maintained and that materials are only available when needed.

Conflict arises between the two teams because while one is maximizing the raw materials purchases possible, the other is minimizing if not totally eradicating inventory.


The conflict between the purchasing and inventory teams arises basically because of conflicting goals. While the purchasing team want adequate raw materials possible as a manifestation of purchasing effectiveness and that the raw materials should be purchased with the least cost possible as a manifestation of production efficiency, the inventory team wants the least volume of inventory possible as an evidence of JIT effectiveness. The inventory team also wants quality inventory as likewise a manifestation of effectiveness.

The conflict is basically a result of conflicting aims, facilitated by conflicting strategies. This resulted to constant disagreement between the heads of the two teams, coupled with conflicts among their respective team members and a tendency for them to take sides. On the overall, a clash exists between the two teams.


The operations manager must have to settle the conflict the soonest time possible before it becomes dysfunctional. The members of the two teams are getting demoralized of the set-up. They feel the disagreement between their two supervisors. They started taking sides as part of their manifestations of loyalty to their respective supervisors.

To settle the conflict, the operations manager has some options: avoiding the conflict, with the hope that in due time ...

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