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Rating of Psychological Assessment Tools

All five of the below copied assessment tools can be administered online, each of them has different characteristics (e.g., response options, length, theoretical foundation, psychometric properties). Drawing from your own experiences,
readings, and supplementary resources, can you discuss from a client's perspective what you liked or disliked about completing these assessment tools. From a counselor's perspective, what assessment characteristics will you consider to be most important in selecting appropriate assessment instruments for your clients?

OSI-R (Occupational Stress Inventory Revised)

QLQ (Quality of Life Questionnaire):

Majors Personality Type Inventory (Majors PTI)

SFPQ (Six Factor Personality Questionnaire)

Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory

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Occupational Stress Inventory Revised- The thing that I liked about completing this assessment tool, was that it alerted me to how much stress I actually experienced on the job, as well as how these job stresses similarly affected me on a day-to-day basis. I also like the analytical manner that must be used in the completion of this assessment tool.

Quality of ...

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This solution briefly discusses the benefits from a clients persepective of each assessment tool in 226 words.