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The solution to Psychological Assessment

Criteria for Selecting Appropriate Assessment Tools

There are a wide variety of assessment tools available. Based on your readings in this area and professional/personal experience, can you discuss the criteria that you would use to select appropriate tools for your clients.

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Psychological Assessment:

Psychological assessment is the mode in which the psychological professions who are well versed in their duties can utilize certain techniques of psychology to acquire knowledge of an individual. The assessment tools that will be selected for the individual should be appropriate to ensure that the attained results of an individual are accurate and concise. The assessment technique that will be employed by the employer on the client should be geared towards gaining the needed end. There are a lot of assessment tools in the psychology market that should be used in the assessment of an individual. The results of the information that will be attained should be relevant to the client and the employer (What is, n.d).

Criteria for the Selection of the Appropriate Assessment Tool:

The reliability of the assessment tool should be proven by experts in the psychological field. This is the fact that the ...

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There are a wide variety of assessments that therapists can chose from to help their clients. The following solution discusses the appropriate criteria needed for therapists to use to select the appropriate assessments.