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Concepts of Psychological Testing and Psychological Assessment

Compare and contrast the concepts of psychological testing and psychological assessment. Give examples of each from your own life experiences (e.g., group achievement test in school or assessment for selection to a particular college or university) As a psychologist, which approach would you prefer in evaluating clients or applicants? What are the legal implications of each? How do your authors define psychological assessment and psychological testing?

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Measurement and Statistics

Comparison and Contrast:

Psychological assessment is concerned with the use of different types of tools to measure the mental status of an individual and the outcome of this assessment provides different measures. It is concerned with obtaining different scores that have been taken from the personal interviews, behavior that is observed by the psychologist and the historical data of the patient. The information is also obtained from information provided by the referrals and carrying out different tests on the patient for comparison. The patient can also be observed for a certain period of time so as to know the person's behavior. Psychological assessment also carries out the assessment of the failure or the success of the patient when the process of therapy is being carried out (Ford, 2011).

On the other hand, psychological testing involves the obtaining of the required score by using specific scales and the result that is obtain is often in numerical terms. The similarity between the two is that the use of these measures aims at assessing the client's current state when counseling is being carried out. They help in identifying the therapeutic needs of the client and helps in monitoring the treatment of the client to know if the therapy is ...

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The solution compares and contrasts the concepts of psychological testing and psychological assessment.