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Roles of Assessment

Please reflect upon the history of assessment and the counseling field. How does assessment help to define a counselor's professional identity? Address the role of assessment in the area of counseling that fits ones professional goals. Use scholarly sources to support your position and please provide 350 words or more.

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A definition provided for assessment distinguishes it from testing. A test is defined as an "Evaluative device or procedure in which an examinee's behavior is examined, evaluated and scored using a standardized process". Assessment is described in a broader term, as a process that integrates test information with information from other sources (e.g., individual, social, educational, and/or psychological history (Standards & Testing, p. 3). However, for the most part, testing and assessment are used interchangeably. The launch of modern testing began in the 19th century with the work of Francis Galton, who is credited with constructing the questionnaires, rating scales and self-report inventories (Naugle, 2009). Although, according to Naugle, testing and assessment has been in use for centuries. Testing for psychological and counseling ...

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The study discusses the history of assessment in counseling