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    Personality assessment tests in business and industry

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    Select two standard personality assessments used in business and industry. Keep in mind that these need to be actual, reputable personality assessments which have data to support their use, such as the Myers-Briggs tool. Provide examples to support your answer.

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    The two personality assessments used in business and industry, which are actual, reputable personality assessments similar to Myers-Briggs tool are:

    1.The Gordon Personal Profile Inventory(GPP-I): It has been developed by Leonard V. Gordon. It helps to identify the degree/extent to which the candidates possess certain personality-based competencies necessary for success on the job front. Each job or role requires a unique combination of personality characteristics for optimal performance. The Gordon Personal Profile Inventory measures nine important and universal traits that can help organizations hire the right candidate for virtually any position. Its main features are meant to:
    discover whether a candidate's personality traits will be an asset to an organization.
    identify desirable qualities such as dependability, attention to detail, diligence, innovation, conscientiousness, adaptability, analytical thinking, and tolerance.
    obtain a complete picture of a candidate's personality by the use of both the Profile Section and the Inventory Section. learn more about an applicant's potential for success as compared to the information obtained from an interview and resume.
    reduce turnover and increase productivity when you hire individuals with the personal style that best meets your needs.

    Areas of Assessment includes both paper administration and online administration.
    Paper Administration of GPP-I consists of a Profile Section and an Inventory Section to provide a complete picture of an individual's personality.
    The Profile Section identifies the following traits:
    Ascendancy?assertive, self-assured
    Responsibility?persistent, conscientious, reliable
    Emotional Stability?well-controlled, high frustration tolerance
    Sociability?interactive, friendly
    The Inventory Section identifies the following traits:
    Cautiousness?not impulsive, careful, deliberate
    Original Thinking?enjoys ...

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