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    Projective and Objective Tests

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    There are multiple tests that can be used for personality assessment. Each instrument has relative strengths and weaknesses. Clinicians are responsible for evaluating these relative strengths and weaknesses to help determine which might be appropriate for a client. Tests can be categorized into objective and projective tests and clinicians must understand the differences as they consider which test might be most appropriate. The differences between objective and projective tests are based upon the following: a) the degree of structure in the format of stimuli and responses and b) the degree of examiner judgment required to evaluate and/or score responses.

    Q***** a rationale for the use of projective or objective tests and explain why. Then explain one scenario in which a projective test might be used and one scenario in which an objective test might be used to assess personality in clinical practice and explain why.

    responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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    Projective and Objective tests are tools used for assessment of personality, performance and/or ability. Objective methods of assessment contain short-answer items in which respondents choose two or more answers, with scores based on a non-judgmental action by the scorer. For example, objective tests of personality are written in multiple choice, true/false, or matching format. Thus, according to Cohen and Swerdlik (2005), an objective personality assessment would ...

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