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Ethical or Legal Consideration Related to Use of Personality Testing.

What is the rationale for using personality assessment testing? Include one possible ethical or legal consideration related to the decision to use assessment testing.

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Rationale: Personality tests are used by employers when hiring to show how certain groups of individuals think, act, and routinely function. In addition, personality tests are used by employers when hiring so that they may choose the best person for the job at hand. An individual's personality, that which includes the abilities, habits, and characteristics that distinguish one individual from another, takes on many different forms. Once a person understands his or her own individual personality, that individual can learn to use that personality as a means by which to interact as needed in various circumstances. Furthermore, a self ...

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This solution discusses the use of personality tests for employment purposes. Legal and or ethical concerns are reviewed. The solution is 350 words of length and is supplemented by external references.