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Testing of Personality

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Many people use the terms "personality assessment" and "personality test" interchangeably; however, one will find that there are distinct differences between these concepts and each has its own purpose that is guided by the referral question. Even though psychologists use personality testing in the personality assessment process, they can accomplish the latter without administering any personality tests. Determining when assessment testing is necessary is one of the responsibilities as a psychologist.

Question: With this please help me with coming up with a rationale for using assessment testing. In this there has to be included one possible ethical or legal consideration related to the decision to use assessment testing. Please clearly identify this ethical or legal consideration. Thanks for your help.

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This solution provides a rationale for conducting an assessment, including considering ethical and legal ramifications associated with the assessment.

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(1) Rationale for using assessment testing.

Assessment tests can be used for several purposes that include: (a) treatment purpose, (b) measure performance, (c) to evaluate the effectiveness of a program, and/or to diagnose a specific psychological disorder. For instance, the psychological test as outlined in the "Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing guidelines" (AERA, 1999) are focused on two specific objectives: (a) providing knowledge and skills essential to those who use tests to make decisions, or formulate policies that affect the lives of test takers, and (b) noting the expertise that test users must possess in specific contexts in order to administer and interpret tests. In addition, the American Psychological Assessment (APA) Board of Professional Association, and psychological assessment work group set forth the following objectives in psychological testing and assessment: (a) evaluating psychological and neurological assessment, and (b) assembling evidence on the efficacy of assessment in diverse practices (Meyers, Finn, Eyde, Kay, Moreland, & Dies. 2001, 128).

The primary rationale for testing in personality assessment would be based on an evaluation of a client who presented with "abnormal functioning". This evaluation of functioning can be made by considering criteria listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR [APA], 2000) that would lead you to make a diagnosis. Friedman & Schustack (2006) offers ...

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