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Differences between personality and interest inventories.

According to your text, what is the major difference between personality inventories and attitude and interest inventories? Explain this in your own words. What do you believe are the major implications of this difference? Think of a situation in which you would use a personality test. Think of another situation where you would use an attitude or interest inventory. Compare and contrast these instances, being careful to relate this comparison to the field of testing.
This is the text that is being reffered to Hogan, T., P. (2007). Psychological testing: A practical introduction (2nd. ed.). Hoboken NJ: Wiley.

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Personality inventories are used to identify different states and traits of individuals. Individual traits can help show how a person feels, thinks, and acts in various situations. Personality states consist of the mood of the individual and the way they think at different moments or in different scenarios.
Attitude and interest inventories can help a person identify their own personal interests such as career choices and how these particular choices correspond ...

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