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Personality testing, misuse and accuracy in measurement

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How might personality testing be misused? How might it be most constructive?
Do you believe it is possible to measure personality accurately?

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1.The potential misuse a personality test can be severe. It can range from leading an individual to making making poor recruitment decisions to causing damage to someone's self esteem. Unless such tests are administered and interpreted by professionals, as many as 30 percent of all personality tests might be corrupted by amateurish evaluations. Most employers think that personality testing will give them an edge in the hiring process, but in reality, such tests do not reflect upon an individual's creativity, perseverance, and willingness to learn, which are very important and deciding aspects of personality that makes a valuable employee. At times, they are used by employers just to accept or eliminate a prospective candidate who has applied for a particular job. Here, the most eligible candidates will get eliminated from their list, which in turn causes loss to both the employers as well as the prospective candidates. Personality tests fail to predict behavior to a great extent. They do not have appropriate evidence for cross-situational consistency. Most of the time, untrained, and unlicensed para-professionals administer and interpret the personality tests recklessly. Personality tests are more of a terror to the subjects as the results obtained from such tests gradually label and brand the subjects on the basis of test results. These are various ways in which personality tests might be misused. Thus, they reduce an individuals self-esteem and bring down ones' self-confidence instead of boosting up the morale.

2. The personality tests can be most constructive by following certain set rules during their construction and administration. The various types of personality tests are interviews, situational/behavioral tests, rating scales, personality ...

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This problem deals with the various ways in which personality tests are being misused, manner in which they can be made constructive, and whether they are utilized to measure an individuals' personality in an accurate manner in real life situations.