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Test Misuse and Ethics

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Test Misuse/test ethics cover both the creation and use of tests and the implications of test misuse. These can relate to test use with diverse groups, licensure issues, adverse impact, or test security, to name a few. Think of potential negative effects of tests not being administered, stored, or interpreted according to ethical principles. Consider the effects on both the individuals being tested and, potentially, the population at large.

Please help me think of three potential effects of test misuse on individuals being tested and on the population at large.

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The expert examines a test misuse and ethics.

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Dear student,

Hello and thank you or using BrainMass. The solution below should get you started. This particular task is simple enough - you are expected by your professor to show an understanding of the ethics behind tests and testing. I suggest therefore having a simple answer-set and word discussion.

1. Testing ethics and test misuse - discuss this.
2. Three effects of test misuse on the individual, the collective (group) and the community.
3. APA codes in effect - choose some.

This outline should provide you with what you need. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones

On Testing Ethics & Test Misuse

Testing is integral as an element of evaluation in society, especially in key institutions like schools, hospitals and, of course, clinics and research organizations. Psychology falls into academic, clinical organizations and research headings and is of course a familiar and necessary activity in academic life. Hence, organizations that do evaluations, ...

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