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    Potential effects of test misuse

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    What are potential effects of test misuse on individuals being tested and on the population at large. Reference APA Code of Ethics and other relevant standards. Discusses the implications for the person testing, the person being tested, and the population at large. Discusses possible implications of misdiagnosis and how incorrect use of tests can affect the subject long term.

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    I am a School Psychologist and my job is mostly based on testing. Although I could easily answer this question, the website won't allow that so I will give you some ideas to guide you thinking and help you come up with some ideas of where to go with this question.

    First, think about the impact test scores have on an individual, how they get diagnosed and often labeled as a result, and how these results stay on record for life. If a test was not given properly, how might this impact someone long term? Either in the way of misdiagnosing or mislabeling and the long term effects of this to completely missing a valid problem that the individual needs help ...

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    This solution helps lead a student to understand the moral, ethical, and legal implications of misusing psychological testing tools. It also highlights possible effects to both the subject being test as well as the tester, and the standardized population at large.