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Researching Alcohol Abuse Among Adolescents

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Research study design

Public health research utilizes a variety of research methods, much of public health research begins with an observational study where researchers are seeking to describe a problem. Once initial research has been completed, additional studies may be conducted that seek to find deeper associations, draw conclusions, and allow for generalizations to a broader population. In each stage of research, the research question guides the study design.
Review a research article on adolescent alcohol use

1.Post a summary of your selected article and the research design used in the study
2. Evaluate whether the selected research design was the most appropriate. Would you have chosen a different design? Why or why not? Support your response.

Reference :

The Effects of Parenting on the Development of Adolescent Alcohol Misuse: A Six-Wave Latent Growth Model. By: Barnes, Grace M.; Reifman, Alan S.; Farrell, Michael P.; Dintcheff, Barbara A.. Journal of Marriage & Family, Feb2000, Vol. 62 Issue 1, p175, 12p

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This article helps to explain the prevalence of alcohol abuse among adolescents, and also seeks to determine the causes of the high levels of misuse of alcohol among adolescents. It is interesting that this article points out that the rate of alcohol misuse continues to increase among adolescents who choose to engage in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. In addition, this article does a good job of clarifying the different causes of alcohol misuse that are studied by researchers. This ...

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I need some assistance in understanding quantitative and qualitative studies:
-Develop a research question for your chosen research method that focuses on the impact and/or influence of the clinical treatment. (substance abuse among adolescents)
- To develop a quantitative or qualitative research question can you complete the following

OPTION 1: Develop a quantitative research question associated with an experimental (or quasi experimental) design. For example: "What is the effect of Reality Therapy on symptoms of opposition and defiance associated with oppositional defiant disorder in adolescent males?"


OPTION 2: Develop a qualitative research question associated with a qualitative methodology, such as grounded theory or phenomenology. The following is an example of a question for the qualitative component of your research proposal: "What is the experience of reality therapy for adolescents with symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder?"

FOR EITHER OPTION: Support your question with a rationale for why it is an important area of investigation, citing at least one scholarly source.

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