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Juvenile courts and drug use

The local juvenile court often must address issues relating to drug use. Dr. Verde encourages you to participate in an Internet Discussion Board for personnel of the different courts relating to drug issues. You go to the discussion thread on adolescent drug use to address the following:

---Identify and discuss risk factors and protective related to family and social environment that affect adolescent drug use.
---Currently, which drugs are most commonly used by adolescents?
---What are current demographics and trends in adolescent drug use? Which drugs are most commonly used by adolescents?
---Identify and describe two drug-prevention strategies that have been used to target adolescents. Have they been successful? Explain.

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Risk and protective factors that relate to family and the social environment leading to adolescent drug use include the following: is there a single parent or two parent household? Often, when there are households of just one parent, adolescents are more likely to be involved in illegal substances. The chances of this increases if the single parent in the house works multiple jobs and is never around; the same can be said if the single parent uses illegal substances themselves or if there is a sibling that uses drugs and/or alcohol. Geographic location also can influence adolescent drug use. Do they live in an area that is known for crime, gangs, etc. Kids who are involved in gangs are more likely than kids who aren't to use drugs. Drugs are prevalent in poor areas and very wealthy areas (these are the areas where the more expensive drugs can be found) and people don't think to look their and it can be hidden better.
Is there abuse in the home - either domestic violence (violence between parents) and/or are the children disciplined through verbal and/or physical abuse, including sexual abuse.

The drugs that are most commonly used by adolescents are alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and recently there has been a huge incline in abuse of prescription medications. Alcohol and tobacco are often taken from their parents secretly, as well as the medication.

There are some current demographic trends in adolescent drug use. The most recent data and statistics that I could find in drug use is from 2007 conducted by The National Institute of Drug Abuse. In the area of amphetamines, the use has declined among high school ...

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