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    Discussion on Mentally Ill Juveniles in the Justice System

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    Hi, I need some help discussing the treatment of mentally ill juveniles in the justice system. I need to include facts surrounding mentally ill juveniles in the justice system, along with the types of programs to identify, treat, and prevent substance abuse, violence, and mental health problems. Additionally, an analysis of the reasons for the severity and frequency of personality disorders, drug abuse problems, suicides, and other mental health problems among youth, should be incorporated. At least three detailed suggestions on how to address this issue and three ways in which citizens of the community can support this program are also needed. Any help would be appreciated as I am not too sure where to begin.

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    The current juvenile justice system is rife with problems and in need of a change. The system that was founded on rehabilitative laurels now attempts punishment as the first form of justice for juvenile offenders in contrast to the purpose of the system. Many juvenile offenders are sentenced as adults and transferred to adult courts because the paradigm has shifted from rehabilitating juveniles to punishing them. This precedent is true for mentally ill juveniles as well as those who do not suffer from mental illness. As is the case in adult facilities, not enough money is appropriated for mentally ill offenders in juvenile detention.

    Clinical psychologists and other healthcare professionals have differing views on what is the best program to identify, treat, prevent abuse and ...

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