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    Consequences of a separate juvenile court system

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    Law professor Barry C. Field contends that creating a separate juvenile court system has resulted in unanticipated negative consequences for America's children and for justice.

    Take an either for or against stance to this argument. Discuss the good and bad points of these arguments.

    Child Murder Committed by Severely Mentally Ill
    Mothers: An Examination of Mothers Found Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity

    Susan Hatters Friedman,1 M.D.; Debra R. Hrouda,1 M.S.S.A.; Carol E. Holden,2 Ph.D.;
    Stephen G. Noffsinger,3 M.D.; and Phillip J. Resnick,1 M.D.

    J Forensic Sci, Nov. 2005, Vol. 50, No. 6
    Paper ID JFS2005132
    Available online at: www.astm.org

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    I am opposed to this argument on grounds that Mr. Field does make valid interpretations of the morphing of the juvenile justice system from a social policy institution not punitive in nature, but rather focusing on rehabilitation of the juvenile to a punitive system that is focused on criminalizing youthful offenders. The problem with removing the system under Fields' analysis would be that making it one system trying all ...

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