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    Having a separate system for juveniles

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    You are employed with a nonprofit organization that is concerned with the protection of minors. Your organization has some terrible news. There have been some huge budget cuts, and all previously approved research now needs to be presented in front of a budget committee for funding to continue. You need to discuss the feasibility of having a separate system for juveniles. Discuss economic and social costs to illustrate the different arguments in opposition and in support of having a separate system for juveniles.

    -Discuss the various stages of juvenile court proceedings and the feasibility of maintaining a separate court for juveniles.
    -Discuss issues related to treating the juvenile offender as an adult.


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    During the juvenile court proceedings starting from police contacts there is wide discretion with the police, probation department and juvenile halls to postpone proceedings against children. In addition, when charges are brought against juveniles in a juvenile court and then later in a superior court the cases are treated with leniency and only a very small proportion of cases result in formal probation. What is the reason for this?

    The reason for this is that entire juvenile justice system determines what is in the ...

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    Having a separate system for juveniles is discussed in great detail in this 352 word solution, including considering the needs of the child and assessment.