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    Juvenile Justice Development

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    The Development of Juvenile Justice

    These two are important also can you discuss about these two as well in the development/evolution of juvenile justice and why.

    Thompson v. Oklahoma - killed his sister's boyfriend

    Stanford v. Kentucky - rob a store and shot a cashier in the face

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    2 references please.

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    Thompson v. Oklahoma - killed his sister's boyfriend

    This case was important for juvenile justice because it determined that juveniles under the age of 16 could not be executed for their crimes. Prior to this decision, no precedent existed that prevented states from executing children under the age of 16, but after this decision, the Court ruled that executing offenders under the age of 16 would violate the Eighth Amendment's protections against cruel and unusual punishments. This decision was reached because the Supreme Court justices believed that society had evolved and matured, which required a different type of approach for offenders ...

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    This solution of 413 words discusses two case studies of Thompson v. Oklahoma and Stanford v. Kentucky to explain the development/evolution of juvenile justice.