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    Capstone Project Help: Topic Discussion

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    Refining the Problem Statement

    Now that you have chosen a topic, this Discussion provides the opportunity to share with your classmates your choice of topic and the problem that you have identified.

    Note: Please complete the Application Assignment prior to the Discussion question this week.

    To prepare:

    Develop a summary of your topic to post to the Discussion board, including a justification for your choice.
    With these thoughts in mind:

    a description of the topic you chose for your Capstone Project and the problem you identified. Briefly explain why you selected the topic.

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    Capstone Project Topic

    For this Capstone project, I have decided to focus on an issue that is relevant in my community. Of late, a lot of young kids have been arrested and taken into juvenile courts for juvenile crime ranging from status offences (i.e. underage smoking, drunk and disorderly incidents, etc.), property crime and in some instances, violent crime. Investigation has shown that outside of the status offence of underage drinking, property crimes committed by adolescents were done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs and similar can be said about violent crimes. There was one instance wherein a young man, 17 was beaten to near-death by another group of young man while all were drunk after attending a party. Because of the ability of teens to access alcohol and the fact that consuming alcohol is a social activity and considered normative, most ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) on the topic of Capstone Project discussion with a focus on teen/juvenile issues (underage drinking). Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.