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PROBLEM STATEMENT: Problem with Assessment of Children with Behavioral Problem

Explain the capstone topic "Problem with the Assessment of Children with Behavioral Problems".

What are some of the problems with assessment of children with behavioral problem?

What are issues related to the topic?

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What you are asked to do is to explain why a) it is a relevant capstone project, and b) issues that you will discuss and lastly, c) other related issues. Essentially therefore, you are to defend the appropriateness of the research you have decided to do. I suggest using this outline:

1. The topic as a capstone project - why is it appropriate? 100 words.
2. Problems that you might encounter doing the research and your areas of focus in the study - 150 words
3. Related concerns - whatever they might be, from timing, to validity, etc. 150 words

I have listed resources that might be useful for you. The solution below should get you started as it shows you how you can potentially answer such a task.


A Capstone Project

A Capstone project is a culmination project wherein students are expected to put together what they have learned in skills and knowledge to undertake a science-driven research that is expected to have relevance and impact in the field that they are studying and for society in general. My topic is a study of the assessment of children with behavioural issues. But it is not a study that assesses children with behavioural issues per se - it is a study of the problems and issues that can be encountered when ...

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The solution discusses the problem with assessment of children with behavioral problems.