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    Behavioral assessment

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    Please help me answer these and please provide references.

    1.Behavioral assessment signifies an approach or way of gathering information about important human characteristics. Please explain six approaches to behavioral assessment; and briefly describe two of these approaches?

    2.Please explain the difference between reliability and validity as they relate to psychological measures. Please give an example on developmentally delayed, blind, seniors, children etc.

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    1.Six approaches to behavioral assessment:
    * Adaptive Behavior Assessment provides a complete assessment of adaptive skill functioning in 10 areas of adaptive skills as specified by the American Association on Mental Retardation and the DSM-IV including Communication, Community Use, Home Living, Functional Academics, Health and Safety Leisure, Self-Care, Self-Direction Social and Work.
    *Multicausality: Behavioral problems are to be defined through an evaluation of a person's motor, cognitive and physiological modes. Diverse potential causes were to be accepted. Behavioral problems require specification through an observation of several manifestations and are usually caused by several conditions that cannot be reduced to external circumstances.
    *Multimethodism involves various methods of assessing behavior. These methods include obervation, self-report, and self-monitoring which are some of the other methods administered for assessing public and private events. The most important characteristics in the administration of these techniques are that they usually include enviornmental ...

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    The following solution lists and discusses some approaches to behavioral assessment. There is also an explanation of reliability and validity as they relate to psychological measures.