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    How to define goals of behavioral assessments

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    What are the goals of a functional behavioral assessment? How might a functional behavioral assessment be carried out for a student who exhibits disruptive behavior in the classroom?

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    My suggestions to your problem are below:


    I. Introduction

    In your response you may wish to begin by describing some of the characteristics of a student who "exhibits disruptive behavior." Explain the difference between disruptive and other behaviors. What kinds of things does a student who is being disruptive do? Some examples of disruptive behavior include:

    1) Blurts out answers
    2) Is verbally challenging to classmates
    3) Is loud and boisterous at inappropriate times (i.e. when in the Library)
    4) Interrupts when someone else is speaking or the instructor is teaching
    5) Makes noises and sounds that disturb his/her classmates when they are trying to learn

    NOTE: Characteristics of disruptive behavior may present differently depending on the age of the student (primary, middle, secondary grades)

    A student who is hyperactive or aggressive toward others presents different characteristics. You may wish to describe some of the characteristics that differentiate disruptive behaviors from other types of unacceptable classroom behaviors (i.e. fighting, not paying attention, constantly squirming and leaving his/her seat, etc.)

    II. "What are the goals of a functional behavioral assessment?"

    1) Ultimately a ...

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    This 741-word solution provides step-by-step instructions on how to write a paper that discusses the goals of a functional behavioral assessment and with examples of how to define the goals of a functional behavioral assessment and how to execute one on a disruptive student. The solution also includes sample responses to each question and links to websites with more information to assist in completion of the assignment.