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How IDEA defines an IEP and how IEP's have changed.

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How does IDEA define an Individual Education Program (IEP)? How has this legislation changed IEP development in schools? Experientially, how useful are IEPs and how closely are they followed by teachers and support staff?

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IDEA (2004) defines an IEP as a statement in writing for children with a disability. This statement is developed, reviewed and revised in a meeting with individuals such as parents of the student, the student (if applicable), psychologists, school principal, school social workers, teachers, and therapists (if applicable), this is done in accordance with section 300.320-300.324. The IEP must include the student's present level of academic functioning, how the student's disability will affect their progress in the general education curriculum, academic and functional goals that can be measured and can meet the needs of the student, and how the student will progress towards meeting these goals. A written statement of special education and other services such as modifications and accommodations that will be provided for the student, when necessary an explanation of why the student cannot participate in activities with their non-disabled peers and the projected date when the IEP will take effect. For students age 16 or younger a transition statement must be included. The transition is a written statement of what the student plans to do in their future ...

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