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    Section 504 and IEP's

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    Some individuals are served under the Individuals with Disabilities Act, while others are served under Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADA. Compare and contrast these two laws, providing examples of when a person may be served under one versus the other.

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    While there are similarities between Section 504 and IDEA, there are also some differences.
    For starters, both laws require that someone's ability to learn in the school setting or some portion of their everyday life is impacted because of a physical or mental (including learning) disability.

    The history behind the two laws is different. Section 504 came in to existence as a civil rights law to prevent discrimination against individuals from public education institutions. Meaning, for example, a student is bound to a wheel chair and there is no way for the student to get into the school because it's surrounded by stairs. Legally, the school needs to make some type of accommodation for the student enabling him or her to get into the building. IDEA (which is when a student has an IEP - Individualized Educational Plan) came about to ensure that all ...

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    A detailed comparison between section 504 plans and IEP's. The similarities and differences between the two laws are examined and the reasons why one over the other would be implemented in a school setting.